Safety officers gear up for Amber Thursday ahead of bank holiday weekend

Fire, road and water safety officers across Ireland are joining forces to promote ‘Amber Thursday’ ahead of the August Bank Holiday weekend, which is traditionally one of the busiest weekends of the year.

As thousands of people flock to beaches, rivers and pools, many more take to the roads while some go camping or fire up the barbeque either in the garden or away from the home. All these activities bring with them, an important element of safety and awareness.

Thursday 3rd August 2023 marks ‘Amber Thursday’ which is a joint collaboration between safety bodies, fire services and local authorities to help promote fire, road and water safety over the holiday weekend to ensure people are aware of risks and dangers associated with these activities.

There has been a recent increase in outdoor fires, road collisions and water based activities, which have resulted tragedies in the waters and on the roads.

Amber Thursday is supported by Local Authorities, the Chief Fire Officers Association, Road Safety Authority, Water Safety Ireland and Local Authority Road Safety Officers.