What is Amber Thursday?

You’ve heard of ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Green Wednesday’ and ‘Black Friday’, right! Now, meet ‘Amber Thursday’.

Amber Thursday is a cross-service, joint initiative to promote Fire, Road and Water Safety on the Thursday preceding the August Bank Holiday weekend.

This long weekend is considered to be one of the busier bank holiday weekends of the year, and on many occasions, we have all learned of many and varied tragedies which have occurred over the August bank holiday in particular.

The August bank holiday weekend is always high on the agenda for fire safety, water safety and road safety promotion officers, and this year, a joint cross-agency national promotion drive has been established to raise awareness of the three safety elements ahead of this busy weekend, namely, Amber Thursday.

The colour amber signifies a hazard or warning. 

#AmberThursday will be promoted by safety officers in delivering early advisory messages, advice and guidance to the public or anyone planning a camping trip, BBQ’s, a long journey or trips to the beach or pools for example. 

Fire Prevention Officers, Road Safety Officers, Water Safety Development Officers, Lifeguards and Community Gardaí will collaborate in promoting fire safety, road safety and water safety in their localities on or ahead of Thursday 3rd August 2023, ahead of the August Bank holiday weekend.

#AmberThursday is supported by Local Authorities, Chief Fire Officers, Water Safety Ireland and the Road Safety Authority.

Each sector or service are invited to promote their respective safety messages and in doing so, should also use #AmberThursday in their social media posts in addition to #firesafety #roadsafety or #watersafety depending on whichever is relevant to that service.

Promotion officers are welcome to download #AmberThursday banners and photo-call boards here